Zodiac Practices

Zodíaco Aries ICGLISAW


The disciple should sit in a comfortable chair and remain free from any thoughts for five minutes.

Subsequently, the disciple should then pray to his Innermost as follows:

Father of mine, you who are my true Being, I beg you, transport yourself to the main star of the constellation of Aries, so that you will bring the principal genie of that constellation into this humble house, so that he may heal my brain and awaken all the occult powers in my head.

Then, with interlaced hands over his heart, the disciple will make a small bow of the head saluting the guardian at the right column, inhaling deeply as in a sigh and immediately pronouncing the password: Jachin. Immediately, he will make an identical salute to the guardian on the left and pronounce the password: Boaz. He will once again pray to his Innermost like this:

Father of mine, walk the seven sacred steps inside, towards the interior of the temple and kneel down at the feet of the principal genie of Aries, begging him to come and awaken the powers of my brain and to flood my head with light.

Then the disciple pronounces the mantra AOM. This mantra is pronounced properly by opening the mouth with the vowel “A,” rounding it off with the vowel “O,” and closing it with the letter “M,” like this: aaaaaaaaooooooooommmmmmmm.

This mantra is pronounced four times with the intention that the light will flood our entire brain.

Next, the disciple will stand up, extend his right hand forward, and move his head seven times forward, seven times backward, seven rotations to the right and seven times to the left, with the intention that the light floods and acts within all the glands of the brain.

The pineal gland is influenced by Mars and the pituitary gland by Venus. The pituitary produces sleepiness, and the pineal gland incites us to fight; in this manner, while Venus wants to sleep, Mars wants to continue fighting.

During this sign, the disciple should vocalize the vowel “I,” daily for one hour, like this: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. [pronounced as the e in “tree”]

This vowel will cause your pineal gland to vibrate, and finally you will become clairvoyant. When developed, the pineal gland converts us into super-humans, and when atrophied, it converts us into idiots. The pineal gland is found developed within the chaste, and atrophied within the fornicators.

Therefore, good disciple, if you want to convert yourself into an angel, you are totally prohibited to perform any type of coitus.

The pineal gland is the window of Brahma, an inexhaustable fountain for the magician; thus, every night before going to bed the disciple should practice this next exercise:


Sit in a comfortable chair for half an hour. Close your eyes. Remove all thoughts from your mind. Then, imagine that the fire from the constellation of Aries is descending from heaven and penetrating the igneous columns through your pineal gland.

The pineal gland is situated in the superior part of the brain and the power to see the ultra of all things resides in it.

If the disciple carries out the exercises of Aries with tenacity and constancy, he will become an enlightened clairvoyant. During these exercises, the disciple will be assisted by the hierarchies of Aries; they will awaken his powers and heal his brain with special treatments. The disciple may also be able to use the power of those hierarchies for the healing of others.

Aries is the house of Mars, and Mars is the planet of war. The red hierarchies of Mars gave the Astral Body to human beings. Samael is the supreme chief of the Astral Plane, he and his warriors. We activate the powers of the Astral Body by meditating daily on the Tattva Tejas. The Tattva Tejas, or igneous ether, is the causa causorum of every flame. The Astral Plane is the ardent world.

Zodíaco Tauro ICGLISAW


Sit down in a comfortable armchair and closes your eyes and remove all thoughts from your mind. While becoming a little drowsy focus your mind inwardly, towards the Innermost, and recite the following prayer:

Father of mine, now transport yourself to the principal star of Taurus, and enter through the doors of the heart temple making the salutes which you already know and beg the sidereal genie and his angels of that star to come, to have compassion for me, so that they may “prepare” me and cure my larynx.

Then, already sleepy, the disciple must imagine that she sees the accumulated light of her head descending now into her throat, while she pronounces the word: “AOM.”

She imagines the light descending from her head into her throat with the vowel “A”; she will then imagine the light flooding her throat with the vowel “O”; and the disciple will exhale the breath as if expelling the refuse that resides in her throat with the vowel “M.” This mantra is pronounced four times.

I have to warn my disciples that the bowing along with the passwords “Jachin” and “Boaz” (as I described when I spoke about Venus) must be applied to all the stars in the sky.

Therefore, the genii of the constellation of Taurus will personally come to awaken the powers of the larynx, and if the disciple has any laryngeal illness, she can ask these genii of Taurus to cure her and they will do so. The disciple will also be able to take advantage of these powers in order to heal others.

The disciple must vocalize the vowel “E” daily like this: eheeeeeeee…(as in “beg”), for one hour.

The vibratory sound of this vowel will awaken the power of the occult ear within us.

The vowel “E” causes the thyroid gland, which is the center of the magical ear, to vibrate.

The vowel “E” also develops clairvoyance of the Mental Body within us.

The vowel “E” makes the Mental Body vibrate and gives us conceptual synthesis and the power to penetrate into the intimate sense of the words.

Zodíaco Géminis ICGLISAW


The disciple should lie down horizontally on his bed, relax his body and take five breaths of air with the intention that the light penetrates into his lungs and bronchi. He will then open his arms and legs with each inhalation and will close them with each exhalation.

Then, seated on a comfortable chair, he will ask his Innermost to take him to the constellation of Gemini, to the sidereal Gods of those temples, so that they will prepare his organism for practical magic.

Zodíaco Cáncer ICGLISAW


Sit in a comfortable armchair. Close your eyes. Remove all thought from your mind. Focus the mind on your Innermost and pray like this:

Father of mine: you who are my true Being, I beg you, my Lord, to enter into the heart temple of the Moon so that you can bring the Angel Gabriel to me. Perform the salutations, my Lord... Amen.

Then address the four cardinal points and perform the following invocation of the Angel Gabriel while blessing the north, south, east and west:


Thirteen thousand rays has the Sun, thirteen thousand rays has the Moon, thirteen thousand times may the enemies I have repent!

The disciple will pray to the Angel Gabriel to prepare his body to become invisible, or to transform his face, stop a bullet or knife in a moment of danger, or to materialize any superior entity. Iamblichus, the great theurgist, made the sidereal Gods visible in the physical world because he had his body well prepared.

The Angel Gabriel will occultly treat the spleen and certain centers of the spinal column in the disciple. When the latter can already make the Angel Gabriel visible and tangible in the physical plane, it is because his body is “prepared.” Then, in a moment of danger, the disciple will perform the invocation of the Angel Gabriel, and if the disciple wants to become invisible, the Angel Gabriel will erase him from his enemies’ sight, or will transform his face if the disciple so desires.

The invocation will always be done blessing the four cardinal points.

These exercises of preparing the body are practiced throughout our entire lifetime.

When the theurgist has his body well prepared, he can make the sidereal Gods visible in the physical plane. This requires patience and perseverance, because nothing is just handed to us. Everything has the price of struggle and sacrifice.

The forces that descend from heaven, on arriving at our thymus gland, meet the forces that ascend through our organism from the earth, and there, in the thymus gland, the two triangles of the superior and inferior forces interlace to form the seal of Solomon.


Sit down and imagine this marvelous encounter of the cosmic forces forming the seal of Solomon at the thymus gland and, while submerged within profound inner meditation, pray to your Innermost to enter the sidereal temple of the principal star of Cancer, to bring thee the principal hierarchies of that constellation, so that they may awaken your inner powers and give that gland a treatment. Vocalize the letter “A” for one hour daily.

The natives of Cancer are peaceful, but too wrathful at times. They have an aptitude for manual arts. They are very sensible and their character changes with the lunar phases. Things go well for them on long journeys. They are very romantic, amorous and very tenacious.

Zodíaco Leo ICGLISAW


During the sign of Leo, we should act on the heart, through meditation. Inner meditation consists of three phases:

1st: Perfect Concentration

2nd: Perfect Meditation

3rd: Perfect Samadhi

One has to concentrate the mind on the Inner Master. One has to meditate on the majesty of the Inner Master. One has to talk with the Inner Master, until one hears his voice and converses ineffable things with HIM...

This is called Samadhi. Concentration is one technique. On page 17 in The Voice of the Silence, H.P.B. says the following:

“Before the Soul can hear, the image (man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly.

Before the soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united just as the form to which the clay is modeled, is first united with the potter’s mind.

For then the soul will hear, and will remember.

And then to the inner ear will speak -The Voice of the Silence...

So then, we must especially practice inner meditation during the sign of Leo. I advise my disciples to practice inner meditation during those moments in which they feel more predisposed to sleep. You must totally dominate the untamed horse of the mind. You must control all possible reactions of the mind before the objects and sounds of the physical world.

The Inner Master is not the mind. The Inner Master is not emotion; the Inner Master is not the will; the Inner Master is neither the consciousness nor the intelligence.

The Inner Master is the Divine Witness. The Inner Master is the Being. The Inner Master is the Innermost; therefore, while immersed in deep inner meditation, say:

Not this, not this, not this.....I am Him, I am Him, I am Him.

Be demanding with your Inner Master. He must teach you the most ineffable things. If your concentration is intense, then you will penetrate the marvels of the cosmos and will learn things which are impossible to describe with words.

Vocalize the vowel “O” daily during the sign of Leo to awaken the heart chakra.

Zodíaco Virgo ICGLISAW


During the zodiacal sign of Virgo, you must vocalize the vowel “U” daily for one hour in order to develop the telepathic center of the solar plexus, like this: uuuuuuuuu...

Sit down in a comfortable armchair; focus your mind on your Innermost and ask him to take himself to the heart temples of the stars of Virgo, so that he may bring the Gods of Virgo to your house, so that they may awaken your virgin powers and heal your stomach.

Be assured, beloved reader, that the sidereal Gods will attend your call.

Your Innermost can enter and leave the body anytime He wants, since he is not enslaved within the body.

Virgo is the zodiacal sign of the Virgin Mother of the World. It is in the house of Mercury. Its minerals are jasper and emerald.

In practice we have been able to verify that Virgo natives are unfortunately quite excessive in their reasoning, beyond the norm, and skeptical by nature.

Reason and the intellect are very necessary, but when they come off track they are then very harmful.

Zodíaco Libra ICGLISAW



Stand with your feet firm and arms extended to the sides in the form of a cross or scale and move inclining the waist seven times to the right and seven times towards the left, with the intention that all your energies become balanced in your kidneys.


Libra, the zodiacal sign of the balance, governs the kidneys. Libra is the sign of the equilibrating forces, and in the kidneys the forces of our organism must balance out completely.

Stand up in a military position of attention and then with the arms extended in the form of a cross or scale, move like a scale, inclining seven times to the right and seven to the left with the intention that all of your energies become equilibrated in the kidneys. The movement of the upper half of the spinal column must be like that of a scale.

The forces that ascend from the earth passing through the sieve of our feet along the entire organism must become equilibrated at the waist, and this is carried out successfully with the balancing movement of Libra.

Zodíaco Escorpio ICGLISAW


Sexual magic is the practice for this sign.

Now beloved disciple, we will grant you the supreme key of the Great Arcanum.

This is the omnipotent secret of the Kundalini.

The Kundalini is awakened with Sexual Magic.

During moments of love, in which the couple feels ineffable delights, you must sexually connect yourself with your spouse and during the sexual connection pronounce the powerful mantras of the Kundalini. I received these powerful mantras from the angel of command, called “Aroch.”

These mantras are the following:


They must be vocalized in the form of a song, prolonging the sound of the vowels, raising the voice in the first syllable of each word and lowering it in the second syllable.

The letter “r” is pronounced in a high and sharp manner, like the voice of a child, prolonging the sound as if it were the sound of a motor or a mill when it is left without grain to grind, which produces a sharp and thin sound.

Listen well! These are the most powerful mantras known in the entire infinite to awaken the Kundalini. You can also vocalize them mentally.

Withdraw from your priestess-wife without seminal ejaculation. The restrained desire will make the energy rise upwards, towards your heads, and thus you shall awaken your Kundalini and become Gods.

Zodíaco Sagitario ICGLISAW



Squat like the Peruvian guacas. Place your hands on your legs, with your index fingers pointing upwards towards heaven to attract the rays of Jupiter (exactly as Huiracocha teaches us) in order to intensely magnetize the thighs.

The mantram is ISIS, which is vocalized like this: Iiiiiiisssssssiiiiiiisssssss (“i” is pronounced as “ee” in “tree”), pronouncing a sibilant sound, with the S like that of the wind. With this clue you will totally awaken clairvoyance, and will obtain the power to read the Akashic records of Nature.

We now must meditate intensely on the Inner Being, begging him to bring to us the Angel Zachariel in order to help us.


Crouch in the manner of the Peruvian Guacas and place your hands on your legs, with the index fingers pointing upwards, towards the sky, in order to attract the rays of the planet Jupiter, so as to intensely magnetize the legs, the thighs. The mantra ISIS is the mantra of this exercise. Isis is the Divine Mother.

This mantra is pronounced by prolonging the sound of each of the four letters that constitute it Iiiiiiisssssssss Iiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss, divided into two syllables, IS-IS.

With this exercise one awakens clairvoyance and the power of polyvision, which permits all of us to study the Akashic records of nature, in order to get to know the history of the Earth and its races.

It is necessary to practice intensely, daily, in order to magnetize the blood in the femoral arteries.

This is how one acquires the power to study within the memory of nature.

The centaur with its two faces, one looking forward and the other backward, is indicating to us this precious faculty of clairvoyance.

Zodíaco Capricornio ICGLISAW



The following exercise should be practiced during the sign of Capricorn:

The disciple must walk over an imagined coffin located on the floor (imagine that the coffin is located between the legs). With bent knees he will then walk (as if to clear an obstacle), while rotating his knees from left to right. This is done with the intention that the knees become charged with the lead of Saturn, such as our great guru “Huiracocha” taught us.

It is also urgent to practice the exercises of internal meditation daily, praying to our Innermost to transport himself to the sidereal temples in order to bring the principal genii of that constellation before us, so that they may awaken the chakras and powers of the knees.

The natives of Capricorn are as melancholic as the willow. They have a great sense of their own moral responsibility. They are pessimistic and always have a Judas in their lives.

They are practical and are always very much preoccupied with tomorrow. Their principal worry is about the economic aspect of life. They suffer much in love, and must always pass through a great amorous deception.


During the sign of Capricorn, imagine a coffin on the ground. Walk over an imagined coffin located on the floor (imagine that the coffin is located between the legs). With bent knees walk (as if to clear an obstacle), while rotating the knees from left to right. This is done with the intention that the knees become charged with the lead of Saturn. Masonic Masters will be able to understand this exercise of Saturn very well, because they are the same steps of the Master Mason when entering the Lodge.

Zodíaco Aries ICGLISAW


El signo de Acuario gobierna las pantorrillas. Los brasileños llaman a las pantorrillas “ventre das pernas”, (vientre de las piernas), y no se equivocan, porque ciertamente las pantorrillas son un vientre magnético maravilloso.

Las fuerzas que suben de la tierra, después de pasar por el cedazo de los pies, llegan a las pantorrillas en su camino ascendente y allí se encuentran con las fuerzas que descienden de arriba, del cielo, de Urano.

Las fuerzas que suben y las que bajan, en su encuentro magnetizan en forma intensa a las pantorrillas; por eso éstas realmente se encuentran cargadas de erotismo. Ahora nos explicaremos por qué los animales intelectuales se sienten tan atraídos por las pantorrillas bien formadas de las mujeres.

Durante el signo de Acuario los discípulos y discípulas deben hacer pases magnéticos con sus dos manos sobre sus pantorrillas desde abajo hacia arriba, con el propósito de magnetizar poderosamente las pantorrillas, con el vivo anhelo de cargarse con las fuerzas extraordinarias de la Constelación de Acuario.

Estos pases magnéticos deben combinarse con la siguiente oración: “Fuerza pasa, fuerza pasa, fuerza pasa, penetra en mi organismo, asciende a unirte con tu hermana, la corriente que viene de arriba, del cielo, de Urano”.

→ Astrología Hermética


El discípulo sobándose las pantorrillas de abajo hacia arriba, orará así: “¡Fuerza, pasa!, ¡Fuerza, pasa!, penetra en mi organismo; corriente que viene de abajo, asciende a uniros con tu hermana la corriente que viene de arriba, del cielo, de Urania”.

Luego el discípulo se entregará a la meditación interna, rogando a su Íntimo que se adentre en los Templos siderales de Acuario para que os traiga a los genios de esa constelación a fin de lograr la iluminación.

→ Curso Zodiacal

Zodíaco Piscis ICGLISAW



During Pisces it is necessary to vocalize the seven vowels. Note all mantras and vocalizations must be pronounced as in the Spanish language.

Next to each of the vowels we give you an example for the correct pronunciation.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii [pronounced as the e in “coffee”]

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [pronounced Eh…as in “beg”],

Ooooooooooooo [pronounced like the word “oh”]

Uuuuuuuuuuuuu [pronounced similar to the word “you” elongating the last syllable]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [pronounced “Ah” elongating syllable]

Mmmmmmmmmmm [pronounced as the m in “Hmm” elongating syllable]

Ssssssssssssssssss [pronounced as the s in “his]

The sound of each of these vowels must be guided from our head to our feet. Master “Huiracocha” states that one hour of daily vocalization is worth more than reading a million books of oriental theosophy.

Pisces influences the feet, which are the sieves through which the energies that rise from the genie of the earth enter the feet.

Our past lives are written on the lines of our feet. The ceremony of washing the feet, performed by the Divine Redeemer of the world, means that the “Divine Lamb” has come to wash away our past faults with His blood. Christ is the Lamb of God who washes away the sins of the world. ( THE ZODICAL COURSE – V.M. SAW)

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