Editorial ICGLISAW

There are no words that the ordinary man can utter that are superior to those of the Master Samael Aun Weor. We begin this editorial with the reproduction of one of his short but, not of his least of important works. God willing, may this message be useful to all of humanity.

Samael Aun Weor The Great Supreme Universal Manifesto of the Gnostic Movement of 1964.


The great words of the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor remain authentic as if they were written yesterday. His words are expressed in a lapidary way, knowing that the true human nature of people is that they do not like to hear the truth. His words encourage us to continue on the righteous path to self-liberation.

The cruel reality of our actions is evident right before our own eyes. Master Samael Aun Weor’s observations of this poor suffering humanity was noted in his first work in 1950. These observations to this day still remain true and evident.

La Era de Acuario ICGLISAW

In the 46th year of the New Aquarian Age, the root of all evil and conflict still remains the “I”, the ego, the myself. As was repeatedly said by our Lord Buddha in his book, The Four Noble Truths And by our Lord Jesus Christ who said, “Let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me” and by our Master Samael Aun Weor throughout the length and breadth of his work, The Fifth Gospel.

The Great Manifesto that we now respectfully share with you is a synthesis of the teachings of Master Samael Aun Weor, the Buddha Maitreya, the Kalki Avatar, and the Lord of Synthesis. Glory to His Name!

We find very simple keys to understand the process for the dissolution of the ego and how we can transform our soul into spirit with the blessed help of a woman. This way our soul may be filled with the grace of the scared Holy Spirit. These are the greatest aspirations that the Masters of the Great White Lodge, the Avatars or incarnations of Vishnu want for us.

However, this humanity has dedicated itself to slander, vengeance and war instead of praying, meditating and directing their actions to help out their fellowman through acts of charity.

These intentions of the Beings of Light are being delivered to help humanity comprehend the root of all religions. This is clearly seen in all religions, philosophies, groups, sects, lodges, etc. If we were to truly dedicate ourselves and walk firmly on the path that each religion teaches, peace would reign in the world. We would all speak the golden language of the universe (the purest verb of the Gods). We would all see the many wonders on the face of the Earth and we would be able to communicate with the Angels and the Elementals of Nature.

The harsh reality as we see today is different. If we cannot achieve inner peace then it would be difficult for world peace to prevail. In order to have a collective change there must be an individual change. If we are dominated by our own ego then we shall act egotistical as is seen in today’s society.

The times that we live in as said by the Master Samael are visible. Everywhere we look we can see wars or rumors of wars, diseases and unknown mysterious epidemics.

Let’s remember the words of the Master Samael:

“The Age of Aquarius is upon us and we need to awaken all our inner faculties; the Era of Light nears and there is the necessity to awaken all our inner powers. More than ever we must be practical, one hundred percent practical.”
“The time to be theorizing has passed my brothers. Terrible events are heading upon mankind and it is important that we are all prepared.” (Lecture from: Matter, Energy and Mantras)

The social circumstances of life and the internal circumstances demand from us incessant practice and increased tolerance and respect for all religions, philosophies and esoteric schools. We must find the ways to unite us all and forget the differences. We should exclaim: “Religions of the World Lets Unite!”

May peace be with you

The Twelve Rules for the School of Life in order to learn how to live:

  • To dedicated ourselves to the Gnostic work, mediation and prayers.
  • To have will power and good will
  • To search for peace.
  • To keep our internal father pleased.
  • To practice fidelity.
  • To respect marriages.
  • To not pay attention to gossip or spread any.
  • To practice tolerance.
  • To practice forgiveness.
  • To practice to be silent.
  • To have faith.
  • To have patience.